• Image of Monster GS

The Rolling Tree MONSTER Giant Slalom is a smol tech deck for you grippers n' rippers riding narrow hangers. The graphic is a homage to our shop cat, Monster, and our first skateboard collaboration with the artist Biafra. The new composite construction is durable, ridiculously stiff, and warp resistant.

Pressed on our GS mold, the rear truck mounts on the kick - this is not a topmount pretending to be a slalom board. Expect to run a riser pad and setup your rear truck angles accordingly!

31.5" Length
9" Wide Front Pocket
8.2" Wide Waist
8.5" Wide Rear Pocket
9/16" Radial Concave
Spoon Nose
21.5-22.25" Wheelbase
7 ply Wisconsin Maple Core
Fiberglass Torsion Stringers
Green Lam Topsheet
Fiberglass Bottom Sheet
Made in the USA by downhill skateboarders with a passion.
Graphic by Biafra

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